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The My Susa section of the website is a complete and easy-to-use reserved area for all our customers.
What can you do in your My SUSA space after registering and logging in?


Tracking of shipments

Trace the goods in real time.
The status of the shipment is promptly updated thanks to the scanning of barcodes in our warehouses and on the means of distribution. 
Modern result analysis techniques,  full-text search and active paging, as well as completely renewed graphics, allow for a more immediate understanding of the delivery status.

It is also possible to obtain the list of packages/readings and the item details.


Inventory management

Check your stock easily, without wasting time with phone calls or emails. You can simply access our online service to check if there are any problems with the delivery of the goods. You can plan a new delivery or return with a simple click.


SusaCliWEB - Remote billing system

Enter the data of your shipment yourself, print the label with the barcode and affix it to the goods.
You will be able to monitor every single outgoing package and eliminate any routing errors.

SUSA provides an innovative data transmission system that makes you part of our process. (*) With a higher level of integration between us and our clients, this service gurantees a successful partnership.

(*) This service can be activated after evaluation and authorization by the commercial management of Susa S.p.A. For more information, contact your sales representative.


Booking Collections

It's simple and quick to manage collections. Simply access the service and request one or more pick-ups, at your location or from one of your suppliers. You will immediately receive confirmation that the collection has been carried out and the SUSA code to track its status. You can also use the 'supplier master' for recurring collections.  Consult the Help section to learn how to use this service, saving time and phone calls.


Tracking of collections

Thanks to our efficient tracking system, you can monitor collections both commissioned directly by your company or requested by your suppliers.  Follow their process and link with the shipment. It's easy: you can search by collection code, if the Collection Booking utility has been used, or within a range of dates, and track in detail the stages of your shipment and the outcome of the delivery to the recipient.


Download invoices in PDF format

All invoices sent by email remain available in a convenient invoice archive, in PDF format, from which they can be downloaded up to three months following issue. The service does not replace sending your invoices by e-mail but is an additional option.


Download Signed Proofs of Delivery (POD)

In your reserved online area you can find the proofs of delivery (POD) from 01/09/2018 onwards, viewable or downloadable in PDF format.
You can search for them by DDT number, or with the shipment number.
Viewing is free, while downloading the PDF is subject to a fee.


Pallet management accounting

In a simple and always up-to-date diagram, you can check the situation of the pallets entrusted to us and that of the pallets not returned by your recipients.