Automatic increase in tariffs due to adjustment to the ISTAT index

The economic contingencies of recent years, as well as those of past years, have always led to a generalized increase in the management costs of companies which go beyond those which may be the costs directly attributable to the management of the actual transport service but which have a significant impact on maintaining the quality of the service that is provided.

The latter costs, which, as happens with the price of diesel, cannot be managed directly by the companies but which are increased from time to time, even several times during the financial year, by the various suppliers such as energy managers electricity, gas, motorways, the cost of labour, the introduction of minimum safety costs in road transport and all those costs deriving from the regulations issued which we had to comply with.

Unfortunately, today, this situation is no longer sustainable and the levers alone, although difficult to apply in relation to certain cost items, of optimizing and rationalizing resources are no longer enough and consequently an annual update of the tariffs to the changes in the percentage index of consumer prices ascertained by ISTAT.
Therefore the rates will be updated every year, capitalizing the ISTAT % of the previous year, while for the current year the current percentage (shown below) will be applied