Your goods at their destination. Organization and functionality.


Transporting your goods quickly and safely is at the heart of our business. The extensive network of logistics and distribution centres, the constantly updated IT system, close attention to our customers and the continuous renewal of the company fleet allow us to offer personalized services, designed in every single detail: from delivery in D+1 with In-Night and Over Night service to deliveries within 48/72/96 hours for less urgent goods, with differentiation of delivery times based on distances from the branch of departure. What to expect from the Susa service:

  • Delivery of goods, products and raw materials as quickly as an express courier.
  • Coverage of the entire national territory, even in the most remote destinations and in Europe.
  • Logistics tailored to customer needs.

Our point of reference; reliable and present.


Efficiency and professionalism: these are the promises to our customers that we keep every day. With the Business Service we organize deliveries to and from production companies, large-scale retailers and supermarkets with D+2 and D+3 times according to needs and the areas to be reached


The speed of an express courier even for high volume shipments. With the Fast service we ensure D+1 delivery times for most areas of Italy, while for the most remote areas or for more particular specifications we guarantee delivery in D+2. A service that helps your business deal with any type of emergency and never stop.



A structured and well-articulated procedure, which for you only lasts a few hours, but which for us means commitment and consistency. The efficiency of transport and logistics services is, at SUSA, a matter of planning, control and organization.

From your company to the final destination, your goods, even of considerable size, are in safe hands and constantly monitored. Each step is organized to optimize delivery times and ensure maximum speed.


Choose the ideal service for your needs.